ghc-7.0.2 on macports wanted

Don Stewart dons00 at
Thu Mar 10 17:35:55 CET 2011

And that means you can't mix MacPorts and the Mac HP installer. We
might want to make that very clear.

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 6:58 AM, Christian Maeder
<Christian.Maeder at> wrote:
> Am 10.03.2011 15:52, schrieb Don Stewart:
>> Does MacPorts still interact badly with libiconv? (The system and
>> MacPorts versions out of sync, making Haskell unbuildable unless in
>> MacPorts).
> ghc from macports was build against macports's iconv, which works fine
> with gtk2 from macports.
> The official ghc is linked and links against /usr/lib/libiconv.dylib,
> which makes a problem as soon as -L/opt/local/lib is added by some cabal
> package. But this can be fixed by adding -L/usr/lib as first argument to
> ghc.
> C.
>> On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 5:50 AM, Christian Maeder
>> <Christian.Maeder at> wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> we would appreciate a ghc-7.0.2 distribution package via macports,
>>> because we intend to make macports packages based on ghc and gtk+2.0.
>>> Libraries from the Haskell-Platform would be nice, too.
>>> Was macports given up?
>>> Via "port pkg" we want to create binary mac packages, however, these
>>> packages are only very basic in that they cannot be uninstalled and do
>>> not know about their dependencies. Therefore I would also like how to
>>> create proper distribution packages. (links are welcome)
>>> Thanks Christian
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