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Sittampalam, Ganesh ganesh.sittampalam at credit-suisse.com
Tue Jan 11 09:02:12 CET 2011

Simon Marlow wrote:

> The darcs team have been making great strides with performance, but
> conflict handling remains a serious problem.  The darcs roadmap
> doesn't show this being fixed in the near future  
>    http://wiki.darcs.net/Roadmap

I've just updated the roadmap for darcs 2.8 (the next major release, due
this Summer) to mention a few items about conflict handling:

 - "Include old text in conflict marking"

If you have a conflict where you start with xy, and in one branch change
that to x and in another change it to xyz, the current marking is pretty
hard to decipher:

v v v v v
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The new marking will give you

v v v v v
^ ^ ^ ^ ^

which makes things a lot clearer

This is committed already so will definitely be in (in fact I'm now
tempted to include it in the upcoming patch release, 2.5.1)

 - "reduce the number of alternatives presented when there are
complicated conflicts"

Complicated conflicts often result in a mess of conflicting options
being presented to you, where some of the alternatives are a seemingly
randomly chosen subset of the one side of the conflict. I've got some
patches that improve this problem, though they don't eliminate it
completely - this will probably be in 2.8 (so far the patches only work
for v2 format, but it should be possible to make them work for v1 too).

 - "include patch names in conflict markers"

I have done some implementation work towards this and am hoping to have
something complete for 2.8, though there are still some issues to
resolve (might need a compatible patch format change, akin to the
old-fashioned -> hashed conversion process). At the very least the work
I've done so far will mean that it'll be available for conflicts arising
during a rebase.

There are other problems with conflict handling for which fixes are
further off and much more uncertain, which I'm happy to discuss further
if people are interested.



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