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I think I figured out what code I need to write to get the AST of a haskell module (pasted below).  Basically, I need to get the typed parsetrees of all Haskell base libraries to do some analysis.  But the that "parse" function seems to produce a "parse error" for each one of the base libraries.  In fact, it only works ok if I use a simple test file which contains "n = 3".  Any ideas?

parse :: String -> HsModule
parse syntax = 
  case parseModule syntax of 
    (ParseOk ast)          -> ast
    (ParseFailed loc msg)  -> error $ (show loc)

main = do
   file_content <- readFile targetFile
   let ast = parse file_content
   print ast

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You will be more likely to get an answer on the ghc-users mailing list
(cc'ed).  The ghc developers rarely follow -cafe.

On 1 Jan 2011, at 20:36, Jane Ren wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know what GHC module gets the AST and type info of some
> source code?  This is the GHC module that converts all of Haskell
> into an AST with a small number of pattern cases, where each AST
> node is annotated with the Haskell type.
> Thanks
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