Records in Haskell

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Dec 29 18:00:46 CET 2011

| The lack of response, I believe, is just a lack of anyone who
| can cut through all the noise and come up with some
| practical way to move forward in one of the many possible
| directions.

You're right.  But it is very telling that the vast majority of responses on
were not about the subject (leadership) but rather on suggesting yet more, incompletely-specified solutions to the original problem.  My modest attempt to build a consensus by articulating the simplest solution I could think of, manifestly failed.  

The trouble is that I just don't have the bandwidth (or, if I'm honest, the motivation) to drive this through to a conclusion. And if no one else does either, perhaps it isn't *that* important to anyone.  That said, it clearly is *somewhat* important to a lot of people, so doing nothing isn't very satisfactory either.

Usually I feel I know how to move forward, but here I don't.


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