Odd behavior of ncurses with -threaded

Simon Hengel simon.hengel at wiktory.org
Thu Nov 11 16:32:00 EST 2010

the following program should wait 3 seconds for user input before.  If
now user input occurs within that time, it just prints -1.

    {-# LANGUAGE ForeignFunctionInterface #-}
    module Main where

    import Foreign
    import Foreign.C.String
    import Foreign.C.Types
    import Foreign.C.Error

    foreign import ccall unsafe initscr :: IO (Ptr ())
    foreign import ccall unsafe endwin  :: IO CInt
    foreign import ccall unsafe getch   :: IO CInt
    foreign import ccall unsafe timeout :: CInt -> IO ()

    main = do
      timeout 3000
      c <- getch
      print c

This works just fine if I do not use the threaded RTS, say:

    ghc --make -lcurses Main.hs

However, with

    ghc --make -threaded -lcurses Main.hs

it prints -1 immediately without awaiting the 3 seconds.

Is that considered a bug? Should I open a ticket?

ghc:     6.12.1
linux:   2.6.32
ncurses: 5.7


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