Equality constraint type mismatch

C Rodrigues red5_2 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 14:23:18 EST 2010

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I see.  The type inference algorithm requires type variables to be
type constructors, not functions.  Equality constraints are
simplified assuming that is the case.  I knew that type
functions had to be fully applied, but I didn't know that they also
couldn't be "taken apart" by unification.  This explains why the
following doesn't typecheck:

type family T a :: *
my_id :: f a -> f a; my_id = id
x :: T a -> T a; x = my_id

IMHO, this was not clear from the documentation or from the error
message (It certainly _looks_ like "T a" should match "f a"...).
Thanks for the explanation.

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