Modules and their explicit export lists (are an annoyance)

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Hi Christian,

I encourage you to email the lists or the library maintainer before forking
- ther might be ways to solve your problem in a different way or to get the
functionality you

On Jun 21, 2010 4:20 PM, "Christian Höner zu Siederdissen" <
choener at> wrote:

Thanks everybody for your thoughts. Based on what I've read this is what
I will do:

- fork a 'foreign' library, if I need to extend it substantially
- export everything explicitly
- or set namespaces like this:
 - Library (with the more stable interface)
 - Library.Internal (which exports everything)

Because of the rather good versioning system of Cabal (like
library=x.y.z) this seems to be the most practical solution for me.

Though it still would be nice if I could inject functions into other
peoples' namespaces -- so to speak ;-)


* Christian Höner zu Siederdissen <choener at> [19.06.2010

> Hi everybody,
> I'd like some input on other peoples' thoughts on this. Recently, I

> played around with a library that uses an explicit export list. While
> there are reasons for havi...

> But the more important thing is, that it makes extending module
> functionality a pain (eg. if a c...

> Btw. there are libraries, where an explicit export list is used, that
> export the right amount of...

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