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Daniel Peebles pumpkingod at
Wed Jan 27 10:37:19 EST 2010

I hope it'll be possible :) I heard a general overview of the plugins
infrastructure a few months ago and it sounded like what I'd need, but I was
unable to find a very detailed account of how it works and what specific
information is available to plugins, so maybe I'm just dreaming.

2010/1/27 Tyson Whitehead <twhitehead at>

> On January 27, 2010 05:44:00 José Pedro Magalhães wrote:
> > Alright, ticket created:
> >
> > In any case, for now I am willing to hard-code a new core-to-core pass on
> > the compiler. Any pointers for where I have to look at?
> Just wondering a couple of things about core -> core plugins.
> Is the second use case mentioned by pumpkingod there (tracking which
> rewrite
> rules are firing and when) actually possible using a core -> core plugin?
> (it would be great to have this information fed into some sort of emacs
> plugin
> where one could drill down on specific functions to see what is happening)
> Also, is Hoopl expected to be used on core -> core plugins, and, if so, is
> the
> infrastructure in place for this?
> Thanks!  -Tyson
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