Installing syb(-0.1.03) package in head version of Haskell

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Wed Feb 24 06:35:14 EST 2010

Simon Marlow schrieb:
>>> Both Cabal and ghc-pkg explicitly use UTF-8 for handling .cabal and
>>> package configuration files, so if you end up with a Latin-1 file in
>>> your package database then something has gone wrong.  If anyone can
>>> reproduce this problem then please submit a ticket.
>> Indeed, I have a latin-1 file
>> /local/maeder/lib/ghc-6.13.20100211/package.conf.d/syb-
>> ISO-8859 English text
>> and my (accidental) setting is:
>> LANG=de_DE at euro
> And you got that by just 'cabal install syb'?  What version of
> cabal-install?  (cabal --version)

No, just by the Setup, configure, build, install procedure.

"ghc-pkg describe syb" and "ghc-pkg dump" create UTF-8 output.


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