Shared GHC libraries and the runtime system

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Tue Feb 23 03:00:01 EST 2010

Tyson and others

Would you like to gather some of what you have learned into a user-oriented Wiki page about how to use shared libraries in GHC?  The right place for this is
under "Contributed documentation".

You probably have all the material in the email thread, and it's a pity not to get full value from it.


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| > Hi Tyson,
| >
| > This blog post
| > (/) might help explain the  motivation (actually there are a few relevant
| > posts on the well-typed site).
| >
| > Essentially, I believe that this is done so that you can vary the RTS
| > by changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I've never used this facility so I'm
| > unable to say how useful this actually is (or if it actually works at
| > the moment).
| Thanks Max.  Those were good write ups.  I'm pleased to report that I've got
| GHC hooked into Perl as a shared library (i.e., can call my GHC code from
| Perl).  I'm  working on trying to get a reasonable build system solution now.
| So far I've been trying to build a single shared library, but I thinking the
| easiest/intended way might be to just get GHC to just build its own library
| and then specify it as a required shared library to the Perl stub library.
| This way I wouldn't have to mix flags from the build systems in the final
| link.
| (although a shared library of stubs to a shared library seems a bit strange)
| Cheers!  -Tyson
| PS:  Thanks to everyone responsible for getting shared libraries working.

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