Shared GHC libraries and the runtime system

Tyson Whitehead twhitehead at
Mon Feb 22 22:44:01 EST 2010

On February 22, 2010 17:00:25 Max Bolingbroke wrote:
> Hi Tyson,
> This blog post
> (/) might help explain the  motivation (actually there are a few relevant
> posts on the well-typed site).
> Essentially, I believe that this is done so that you can vary the RTS
> by changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I've never used this facility so I'm
> unable to say how useful this actually is (or if it actually works at
> the moment).

Thanks Max.  Those were good write ups.  I'm pleased to report that I've got 
GHC hooked into Perl as a shared library (i.e., can call my GHC code from 
Perl).  I'm  working on trying to get a reasonable build system solution now.

So far I've been trying to build a single shared library, but I thinking the 
easiest/intended way might be to just get GHC to just build its own library 
and then specify it as a required shared library to the Perl stub library.

This way I wouldn't have to mix flags from the build systems in the final link.

(although a shared library of stubs to a shared library seems a bit strange)

Cheers!  -Tyson

PS:  Thanks to everyone responsible for getting shared libraries working.
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