integer-simple by default

Isaac Dupree ml at
Sat Feb 20 14:56:53 EST 2010

On 02/20/10 14:37, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> There's also HIntegerByInt:
> although it would need to be changed to user lower level types etc.

that's true, (I wrote it), the current form uses a list-based 
implementation with a lot of recursion and I'd have to see how well that 
converts to some sort of array [at least I assume arrays are the only 
reasonable storage layout...].  I used a couple algorithms to make 
operations faster (at least multiplication -- I don't remember the 
details) so it might be useful code to pick up again.  I have a bit of 
time now, if anyone's seriously interested, I could work on haskell 
integer code.  As long as I had certain standards

-what am I trying to accomplish (at least, performance-wise)?
-what might be a good low-level format? (And is it important to strew 
unboxed ints all over the place, or is it fine to skip this and count on 
the optimizer?)


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