Removing/deprecating -fvia-c

Christian Höner zu Siederdissen choener at
Mon Feb 15 13:28:01 EST 2010


the things I am interested in are:

foldU f init .
mapU (\k -> array_1 !: (i,k) `combine` array_2 !: (k,j)) $
enumFromToU i j

where (!:) = fancy_index_op

with both `vector` and `uvector` (then D.V.fold etc).

Since ghc 6.12 there has been no significant difference in using either
backend. Then again, more time is spent indexing than optimising the
tight loop.

Viele Gruesse,
Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen

From: Ian Lynagh <igloo at>
> Hi all,
> We are planning to remove the -fvia-c way of compiling code
> (unregisterised compilers will continue to compile via C only, but
> registerised compilers will only use the native code generator).
> We'll probably deprecate -fvia-c in the 6.14 branch, and remove it in
> 6.16.
> Simon Marlow has recently fixed FP performance for modern x86 chips in
> the native code generator in the HEAD. That was the last reason we know
> of to prefer via-C to the native code generators. But before we start
> the removal process, does anyone know of any other problems with the
> native code generators that need to be fixed first?
> Thanks
> Ian
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