Quasi quoting

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 3 10:39:36 EST 2010

|  > Or we could switch to different quotation brackets altogether for
|  > quasiquotation, the obvious possibility being <|...blah...|>, and
|  > <pads|...blah...|>.  That would not be hard, and would only affect the
|  > handful of current quasiquote users.  But it'd remove "<|" and "|>" as a
|  > valid operators, at least for quasiquote customers.  I don't know how bad
|  > that would be.
| Good brackets are scarce.  I'd prefer to stick with one of the many
| fine variations on [|...|] currently being discussed.

I agree with this.  My gut feel is to stick with [| ..|] and variants, and live with the fact that TH and QQ aren't using them in quite the same way.  


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