build issue: * Missing header file: HsBase.h

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Thu Dec 16 14:06:02 CET 2010

Duncan and Simon,

thank you very much for dealing with this. After adding -v3 to the 
ghc-cabal invocation it reported gcc error on HsBase.h due to missing 
math.h file, i.e. system/library/math/header-math package was not 
installed yet.


On 12/16/10 11:16 AM, Duncan Coutts wrote:
>>> Do you have any idea what to install in order to proceed?
>> I don't know what's going on here, I'm afraid.  Looks like Cabal tried to
>> find HsBase.h and couldn't find it - so either it wasn't there (but you say
>> it was), or Cabal was looking in the wrong place.  Maybe follow up the
>> latter hypothesis?
> Cabal will report this error when it cannot compile HsBase.h, that
> usually means it is missing, but it's also possible that something
> just does not compile. This is like the check that ./configure scripts
> do. It's rather hard from the exit code of gcc to work out if it's
> genuinely missing, or fails to compile (though we could try doing cpp
> and cc phases separately).
> One can run with -v3 to see the error that gcc reports.
> Duncan

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