GHC.IO was: Re: 6.12.1 release

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Thu Oct 22 08:05:38 EDT 2009

Simon Marlow schrieb:
> On 22/10/2009 11:09, Christian Maeder wrote:
>> Simon Marlow schrieb:
>>> Simon and I favour the RC2 option.  What do others think?
>> +1
>> I've quite some trouble to port our old code to ghc-6.12
>> and did not test RC1 much.
> If you just need hPutBuf and hGetBuf, then get them from System.IO.

Thanks for this hint. I got further (also after replacing some non-ascii
characters in comments, i.e. a broken bar "-- ¦ ..."). The next spot is:

Posixutil/CopyFile.hs:124:19: Not in scope: `slurpFile'

copyFileToCStringLen :: FilePath -> IO CStringLen
copyFileToCStringLen file =
      (ptr,len) <- slurpFile file
      return (castPtr ptr,len)

Cheers Christian

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