6.12.1 release

Robin Green greenrd at greenrd.org
Thu Oct 22 06:31:06 EDT 2009

At Thu, 22 Oct 2009 10:15:26 +0100,
Simon Marlow wrote:
> The current dilemma we're facing with the 6.12.1 release is this: 
> cabal-install still needs to be ported to the new version of Cabal, 
> Duncan is snowed under and doesn't have time to work on it, but without 
> cabal-install people can't easily test 6.12.1 RC and we can't test it 
> with Hackage.  We've come to rely on cabal-install quite a lot.


I've actually now got cabal-install building successfully locally on
ghc 6.12 rc1, but it dies with "cabal: Prelude.undefined". I'm
attempting to debug this now. So hopefully it shouldn't be too long
before I/we get it working.

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