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Sean Leather leather at cs.uu.nl
Tue Oct 20 11:03:53 EDT 2009

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 16:37, Simon Peyton-Jones wrote:

> Question: is the template-haskell at haskell.org mailing list still useful?

My gut reaction: probably not.

>  * It has 250 subscribers compared to 850 for ghc-users.
>  * It has low traffic
>  * template-haskell is the only GHC-specific mailing list associated with a
> particular
>    language feature.  Eg type functions, ghci, etc do not have their own
> list
>  * The traffic on ghc-users is not dauntingly high.

Also telling is the fact that so many threads are begun and left to rot
(i.e. questions remain unanswered). My impression is that very few people
actually pay attention to the template-haskell list.

I suggest we abolish it in favour of ghc-users.  Any dissenters?  (I'd emit
> a warning, so that people could check they are subscribed to ghc-users.)

Not here.

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