6.12.1rc1: non-Latin filenames in GHCi

Chryssochoidis Christos christosc at me.com
Sun Oct 18 06:17:40 EDT 2009

I've noticed that when I load in GHCi a file  that has a non-latin  
name, although it gets loaded, its name appears garbled in the message  
after the loading:

> Prelude> :load πρόχειρον.hs
> [1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( πρΠ
> ¿ÌÏ‡ÎµÎ¹ÏÎ¿Î½.hs, interpreted )
> Ok, modules loaded: Main.
> *Main>

Is this expected, or something is wrong with my setup? It's a rather  
insignificant issue, but I thought to ask about it.
I'm using GHC 6.12.1rc1 on Mac OS X 10.6.1.

Thanks very much,

Christos Chryssochoidis

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