Ubuntu ghc6 package (german translation)

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at dfki.de
Mon Nov 16 07:54:44 EST 2009

Heiko Studt schrieb:
> To: glasgow-haskell-users
> Cc: ubuntu-devel-discuss
> Hi,
> the German translation of the ghc6 package description is some kind of
> wrong in the current Ubuntu 9.10: the technical term "lazy" is
> translated as "träge" which means (slow, lazy) with an accent on slow. I
> don't know whether there is a default translation in the haskell
> universum (like "faul").

The usual translation of "lazy evaluation" is "verzögerte Auswertung".

> In my opinion the best would be to stay at the
> technical term "lazy".

I agree, too.

> Possibly this mistake was done in other translations as well.

Yes, possibly on purpose (just to make it sound more funny)

Cheers Christian

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