Ubuntu ghc6 package (german translation)

Heiko Studt studt at dps.uibk.ac.at
Sun Nov 15 08:07:13 EST 2009

To: glasgow-haskell-users
Cc: ubuntu-devel-discuss


the German translation of the ghc6 package description is some kind of  
wrong in the current Ubuntu 9.10: the technical term "lazy" is translated  
as "träge" which means (slow, lazy) with an accent on slow. I don't know  
whether there is a default translation in the haskell universum (like  
"faul"). In my opinion the best would be to stay at the technical term  
Possibly this mistake was done in other translations as well.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
(With kindly regards)
Heiko Studt

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