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*Call for organizers:
The Advanced Functional Programming School, 2010.*

We solicit plans for organizing the next Advanced Functional Programming 
School. Since 1995 there have been six Schools on Advanced Functional 

    * 2008, LNCS 5832, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    * 2004, LNCS 3622, Tartu, Estonia
    * 2002, LNCS 2638, Oxford, UK
    * 1998, LNCS 1608, Braga, Portugal
    * 1996, LNCS 1129, Olympia, WA, USA
    * 1995, LNCS 925, Baastad, Sweden


*The goals of this series of schools are*

    * Bring computer scientists, in particular young researchers and
      programmers, up to date with the latest AFP techniques.
    * Use AFP techniques in "programming in the real world".
    * Bridge the gap between results presented at programming
      conferences and material from introductory textbooks on functional

*The approach we take to achieve these goals in the schools is*

    * In depth lectures about AFP techniques, taught by experts in the
    * Lectures are accompanied by practical problems to be solved by the
      students at the school. The problems guide the students' learning
      to a great extent. This implies that there has to be a lab at the
      school site.
    * Group work is stimulated, especially because the practical
      problems will typically be too large for a single person.

By functional programming we mean programming in a style that emphasizes 
the evaluation of expressions rather than the execution of commands.


The lecture notes of the Advanced Functional Programming schools are 
published after the school. The organizers are responsible for 
publishing the lecture notes.

Please submit a proposal for organizing the next advanced functional 
programming school.

*Your proposal should include*

    * the name of the organizers (preferably more than one)
    * a programme: lecturers (a mix of young and bright, and old and
      wise lecturers is preferred) and topics (keep in mind that
      lectures have to be about "programming in the real world".
      Applications of functional programming are very important for the
    * the approximate dates (preferably somewhere in 2010)
    * a location
    * a budget, including an estimation of the registration and hotel
      costs per participant.

The programme, dates, location and budget don't have to be completely 
fixed when you submit your proposal, but there should be sufficient 
information to review your proposal. Your proposal will be reviewed by 
the steering committee of the Advanced Functional Programming Schools, 
consisting of

· Peter Achten (AFP6)

    * Pedro Henriques (AFP3)
    * Johan Jeuring (AFP4, AFP5)
    * Simon Peyton Jones (AFP4)
    * Pieter Koopman (AFP6)
    * Erik Meijer (AFP2)
    * Rinus Plasmeijer (Chairman, AFP6)
    * Tim Sheard (AFP2)
    * Doaitse Swierstra (AFP3, AFP6)
    * Tarmo Uustalu (AFP5)
    * Varmo Vene (AFP5)

Submit your proposal to rinus at before December 15, 2009.
Notification January 9, 2010.

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