6.10.4 plans

Ian Lynagh igloo at earth.li
Wed May 20 19:38:20 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Unfortunately, since the release of 6.10.3, still more problems have
come to light in the 6.10 branch. We are therefore planning to do a
6.10.4 release.

For 6.10.4, we will only consider fixes for serious bugs that cannot be
easily worked around. So far, we plan to look into:

* One of the patches in 6.10.2 introduced a problem where
  mkWeakForeignEnv# could segfault
  (already fixed)

* readMutVar# is inlined/duplicated
  (already fixed, patch waiting to be merged)

* "Permission denied" errors on Windows:

* Some ghci tests fail with hLookAhead errors. We would like to at least
  understand exactly what is going on here.

If you find any other bugs that you think we should look into for
6.10.4, please let us know.

We don't have any plans for when to do the release yet, but we would
like to be confident that we have waited long enough for any other bugs
to surface, and to have time for 6.10.4 to be well-tested.


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