Unable to compile ghc from darcs

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Tue Mar 31 09:20:06 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Marlow <marlowsd at gmail.com> writes:

    Simon> Are you using a build tree made with lndir?  If you, you
    Simon> probably want to link the _darcs directory from your source
    Simon> tree into your build tree.  This will enable configure to
    Simon> generate a more accurate version number, which will
    Simon> probably fix the compile problem with Haddock.
    >> I don't think so. I am just typing ./configure and make within
    >> the source tree (the parent of the _darcs directory). Is this
    >> bad?

    Simon> No, that should be fine.  The Haddock build error indicates
    Simon> that either your Haddock sources are out of date with
    Simon> respect to your GHC sources, or Haddock thinks your GHC is
    Simon> a different version than it really is.

    Simon> What GHC are you using to bootstrap with, BTW?

6.11.20090319 (formerly bootstrapped from 6.10.1).

So it used to work.

haddock --version says 2.4.2
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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