Bootstrapping the compiler

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Tue Mar 17 15:20:06 EDT 2009

I have just downloaded a darcs snapshot, pulled patches and followed
the instructions at

When I got to do


it didn't work. The tail of the output looks like this:

[55 of 55] Compiling Main             ( cabal-bin.hs, /home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping/Main.o )
Linking cabal-bin ...
echo "[]" > bootstrapping.conf.tmp
cd extensible-exceptions && /home/colin/ghc/libraries/cabal-bin ghc --make -fno-warn-unrecognised-pragmas /home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping.conf 1.7.0 clean     --distpref=dist-bootstrapping
unrecognised command: /home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping.conf (try --help)
make[1]: [bootstrapping.conf] Error 1 (ignored)
cd extensible-exceptions && /home/colin/ghc/libraries/cabal-bin ghc --make -fno-warn-unrecognised-pragmas /home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping.conf 1.7.0 configure --distpref=dist-bootstrapping --with-compiler=ghc --make -fno-warn-unrecognised-pragmas --with-hc-pkg=/usr/local/bin/ghc-pkg --package-db=/home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping.conf.tmp
unrecognised command: /home/colin/ghc/libraries/bootstrapping.conf (try --help)
make[1]: *** [bootstrapping.conf] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/colin/ghc/libraries'
make: *** [stage1] Error 2

I then tried the following:

[colin at susannah ghc]$ ls libraries/bootstrapping.conf
ls: cannot access libraries/bootstrapping.conf: No such file or directory
[colin at susannah ghc]$ ls libraries/bootstrapping.conf.tmp

It looks to me like all I have to do is to rename




but I don't see why this is happening.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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