Warning about unrecognised pragma

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 08:49:08 EST 2009

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
>>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin at colina.demon.co.uk> writes:
>     Colin> I am getting messages: Board_representation.hs:407:0:
>     Colin> Unrecognised pragma
>     Colin> Board_representation.hs:442:0: Unrecognised pragma
>     Colin> Board_representation.hs:458:0: Unrecognised pragma
>     Colin> etc.
>     Colin> (GHC 6.10.1)
>     Colin> I looked into the documentation to see how to supress these
>     Colin> warnings (prefereably for the particular pragma concerned),
>     Colin> but I found (from 8.13):
>     Colin> "any pragma encountered with an unrecognised word is (silently) ignored."
> I didn't see any reactions to this.
> Is it not a bug to emit the error message "Unrecognised pragma"?
> If it isn't, then is the documentation sentence quoted above a
> documentation bug? And how do I trun off the message - it is very
> incovenient, as I get an awful lot of them, and it makes it hard for
> me to see real error messages.

There's a flag to turn off the warnings: -fno-warn-unrecognised-pragmas. 
Looks like we forgot to document it, though - thanks for highlighting it.



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