Where did the GHC API go?

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 13:24:35 EST 2009

Hi Ian,

> Yes, this is now
> http://haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/base-
>                                                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I'd suggest that Hoogle shold probably use its own copy of the docs, so
> that it stays in sync with them. Also, you probably want to index the
> set of libraries that come with the Haskell Platform, rather than just
> those that come with GHC.

Too late. We had a stable link, I used it, Google used it, blog posts
were written that linked to it, I've emailed my wife links to it, I've
put them in Word documents, I've posted them on internal intranets.
You can't create a link, put content behind it, then move the content
- it just breaks the whole web.

I can fix Hoogle, but I can't fix the rest of the web... I recommend
putting in a permanent redirect from where the old docs used to be to
base 4.0, and then never moving it forward. Or perhaps symlinking
latest to always the latest version. Either way, I think breaking a
huge set of links is a really bad idea. I also think it's a bad idea
for Hoogle to link off to different documentation from the rest of
Haskell, it's just not a good idea to fragment the Hoogle universe
from the rest of the docs.

Thanks, Neil

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