Windows build failure

Mitchell, Neil neil.mitchell.2 at
Wed Sep 10 06:47:14 EDT 2008

Hi Claus,

For reference, I'm using cygwin bash+mingw gcc on Windows XP, following
your instructions as closely as possible - but with the latest version
of cygwin and mingw.

The biggest niggle for me currently is the lack of the GHC API, which is
built in stage2, but not transferred across to the bindist. However,
there seem to be lots of little things that will require fixing before
the Windows version is ready for release.

> If it was just a mingw issue, you could simply go back to an old mingw
(mine has gcc 3.4.2).
> From what I can tell (and I'm just a user) there are interactions with
Vista and cygwin.

My new home computer will almost certainly be Vista, so I guess I'm in
for a world of fun then :-)



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