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Dear BDS hackers

We'd like GHC to be buildable on BSD, but at the moment it isn't.  We support GHC on Linux, Windows, Mac, but we really need help with BSD.

Alas, we didn't get much response to Simon's message below.  (One, I think -- thank you to that person!  I think it was Kili, but I'm not sure.)

So this message is to say: if you'd like GHC on BSD, please help!  No help probably means no GHC.  Time is short before GHC 6.10.

"Help" means more than "can offer a remote login", but less than "solve it by yourself".  We'll try hard to support you if you can invest a bit of time at your end.

Many thanks


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While perusing the tickets in the 6.10.1 milestone I spotted 3 that look to
be FreeBSD-specific:

2476    internal error: awaitEvent: descriptor out of range
2502    segfault with GHC.Handle.fdToHandle'
2511    unix package doesnt load in ghci on freebsd/amd64

It's unlikely that we'll get to these in time for 6.10.1.  Any FreeBSD
hackers out there want to take a look?  Help/advice is available as usual.

There's also one NetBSD-specific ticket:

2351    NetBSD defines ELF_ST_TYPE

(that one is easy), and one that I think applies to all the *BSDs:

2063    Breackage on OpenBSD due to mmap remap

(actually the latter one is a top priority, because without it GHCi can't
work, so we need it fixed for 6.10.1).

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