file descriptors

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Thu Oct 30 10:08:27 EDT 2008

Dear all,

are there any known issues
with file handles/descriptors in ghc-compiled executables?

My program has a lot of calls to System.Process.runInteractiveProcess
and I'm running into unpredictable behaviour (sometimes the program
just silently dies, sometimes it gets stuck)

The handles I get correspond to file descriptors in the OS?
Could there be any conflicts? (Like not enough available,
or re-used to early etc.)

Or perhaps you see anything that's wrong with my code here
I'm compiling this with -threaded, but running with -N1.

Of course, terminateProcess is another source of uncertainty here.
(Sometimes it takes several seconds until the external process dies.)

Any hints appreciated. - J.W.

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