could ghci debugger search for free variables better?

Peter Hercek phercek at
Thu Oct 23 08:34:38 EDT 2008

May be my approach to debugging with ghci is wrong
  but in about half of the time I find ghci (as a
  debugger) almost useless. The reason is the limited
  way it can resolve identifiers. I can examine
  the free variables in the selected expression and
  nothing else. Well, I *think* just sometimes I can
  examine few more variables. But if it happens at
  all it is rare.

Is there a way to make ghci recognize all the variables
  which could be visible in the selected expression?
  By "could be visible" I mean they are in scope and
  can be used in the expression if I would edit the
  source code.

... well I would like to see the stack too but this
  does not annoy me that much.


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