What a mess....

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Mon Oct 20 01:12:03 EDT 2008

> Hi,
>    I want to install ghc 6.10. Well....
>    I installed ghc 6.6.1 (binary distribution), and cabal, happy, alex 
> (all from darcs, the latest version). Then darcsed 6.10's source. And made.
>    I got: "templates/GenericTemplate.hs:47:21: parse error on input 
> `#'", when "make -C genprimopcode"
>    Any idea what should I do? Thanks.

Install a binary release of ghc 6.10.
Also note that a) ghc 6.10 isn't released yet , and b) you should know
what you're doing,




More information is required to answer exactly your questions.
Ask yourself this question: what information would /I/ need to reproduce
what I just did from scratch?

The answer to that is how much context to include in your question.

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