gadt changes in ghc 6.10

Daniel Gorín dgorin at
Tue Oct 14 10:27:12 EDT 2008


After installing ghc 6.10-rc, I have a program that no longer  
compiles. I get the dreaded "GADT pattern match...." error, instead :)

Here is a boiled-down example:

{-# OPTIONS_GHC -XGADTs -XEmptyDataDecls #-}
module T where

data S
data M

data Wit t where
     S :: Wit S
     M :: Wit M

data Impl t a where
     I1 :: Maybe a -> Impl S a
     I2 :: [a]     -> Impl M a

type W_ t a = Wit t -> Impl t a

newtype W t a = Wrap (W_ t a)

bind :: W t a -> (a -> W t b) -> W_ t b
bind (Wrap w) f = \wit ->
     case wit of
       S -> case w S of
                   I1 m -> I1 $ do a <- m
                                   case f a of
                                     Wrap w' -> case w' S of
                                                       I1 m' -> m'
       M    -> case w M of
                   I2 m -> I2 $ do a <- m
                                   case f a of
                                     Wrap w' -> case w' M of
                                                       I2 m' -> m'

While in ghc 6.8.3 this compiles fine, with ghc 6.10 i get:

$ ghc --make T.hs
[1 of 1] Compiling T                ( T.hs, T.o )

     GADT pattern match with non-rigid result type `Maybe a'
       Solution: add a type signature
     In a case alternative: I1 m' -> m'
     In the expression: case w' S of { I1 m' -> m' }
     In a case alternative: Wrap w' -> case w' S of { I1 m' -> m' }

I've tried adding some signatures (together with - 
XScopedTypeVariables), but with no luck. Why is it that this no longer  
compiles? More importantly, how can I make it compile again? :)



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