Hackage and GUI (was Hackage status with GHC 6.10 release candidate)

Matti Niemenmaa matti.niemenmaa+news at iki.fi
Mon Oct 13 16:26:55 EDT 2008

Hans van Thiel wrote:
> Secondly, has Gtk2Hs compatibility been tested with GHC 6.10? In the
> past there have sometimes been problems with new GHC releases and
> Gtk2Hs. These have always been addressed, but it usually took a few
> months..

I just built Gtk2Hs with the 6.10-rc on Windows, and it seems to work. The
release version, 0.9.13, is a no-go though: I needed a patch (related to an
"instance Binary Integer") before I got it to compile. And a lot of other
messing about as well, but I've got used to that on Windows.

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