syb changes (Re: base-3 vs base-4 (Was: Breakage with 6.10))

Don Stewart dons at
Sat Oct 11 13:42:53 EDT 2008

> >  So there is a compatibility module in the new syb. Unfortunately,
> >  that won't tell you about the moves and rationale. Most of the time,
> >  you'll want Data.Data (check "ghc -e ':browse Data.Data'" or the
> >  Haddock pages, or google for "syb" in the libraries@ archives):
> >
> >    $ ghc-pkg find-module Data.Data
> >    c:/ghc/ghc-6.11.20081004\package.conf:
> >        base-
> Thanks a lot Claus and José for the info. Since all I use is the Data
> and Typeable classes (presumably like so many others, which I guess
> was the reason to keep these in base), it would obviously be better
> for me to avoid linking to the new syb package when I don't have to.

Perhaps people could add details about managing the syb handover to 
the 'upgrading' wiki page,

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