base-3 vs base-4 (Was: Breakage with 6.10)

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Sat Oct 11 05:41:27 EDT 2008


On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 03:52, Niklas Broberg <niklas.broberg at>wrote:
> Though obviously this would only work if the module
> Data.Generics.Instances was preserved under that name somewhere else.
> If it was renamed or changed (which I suspect), then the hassle of
> keeping up to date with older versions will probably be too much, and
> I will want to update to the new agenda as soon as 6.10 is released
> for real. So what happened to this module? (Is there a migration
> quicksheet somewhere?)

The new syb package has basically all the Data.Generics.* modules.

In base4, no Data.Generics.* modules were kept. Instead, a new module,
Data.Data, contains all that was in Data.Generics.Basics and most of

Therefore, in the syb package, Data.Generics.Basics only re-exports module
Data.Data from base4, and Data.Generics.Instances defines the instances
missing from Data.Data and re-exports the instances from Data.Data.

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