breakage with Cabal-1.6

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Thu Oct 9 15:33:27 EDT 2008

> I could say, it's only three packages broken, it's all ok. While the fix
> for these three packages' Setup scripts is trivial, there is no fix
> that will make them compile with old and new versions of the lib.
> Suggestions welcome.

    Cabal-version-dependent Setup.hs?-)
One can hack something up without Cabal support (have a simple
Setup.hs that checks the Cabal version and runs one of the actual 
Cabal-version-specific Setup-<version>.hs that do the work)- see
the comments on that ticket. But wouldn't it be nice if Cabal would
start supporting that directly, to sort this once and for all?-)

Should also help with the other issues,

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