One stage2 compiler hanging around after head build (Solaris/x86 buildbot)

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Wed Oct 1 08:56:26 EDT 2008


month or so ago I've noticed that one compiler instance is hanging
around and spending 100% of CPU for nothing after a build of head (I'm
not sure if it also happens on stable) on my Solaris/x86 buildbot. I've
thought that it's my old ghc-6.8.2 from 2008/05/04 and so I've updated
the compiler now to 6.8.3, but the hangup happens again and now I've
noted that in fact it's the stage2 compiler:

-bash-3.2$ ps -fU buildbot|grep 4380
buildbot 24480 27081   0 14:50:27 pts/6       0:00 grep 4380
buildbot  4380   641  25 12:38:14 ?         130:33

my question is: is it just me who is affected by this or is it a well
known issue in GHC build framework?


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