How to reliably terminate a process

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Thu Nov 27 04:46:20 EST 2008

Sterling Clover wrote:
> Due to the way which runInteractiveCommand works (through spawning a 
> shell), it is impossible to consistently terminate a process launched 
> using it. If the process tries to read from stdin, then it will die 
> properly -- however, last I checked, processes blocking on reading stdin 
> from within runInteractiveCommand will cause bizarre memory leaks.
> runInteractiveProcess will work as you expect.

The documentation for terminateProcess now includes this:

-- Note: on Windows, if the process was a shell command created by
-- 'createProcess' with 'shell', or created by 'runCommand' or
-- 'runInteractiveCommand', then 'terminateProcess' will only
-- terminate the shell, not the command itself.  On Unix systems, both
-- processes are in a process group and will be terminated together.


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