Can't compile GHC 6.8.2

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Nov 24 07:28:28 EST 2008

Ah hum.  We probably have not compiled GHC 6.8 with 6.2 for some time.  Worse, we don't even clearly document what the oldest version is that should bootstrap any given version.

Ian: could you extend the building guide (perhaps the "what tools you need" page?) with

a) the algorithm we use.  I think we say that any GHC can be compiled with the previous three major releases, but maybe it's two.

b) a table giving the claimed state of play
        To compile   You need at least
        6.10           6.6
        6.8          6.4

no need to go back too far.



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| Subject: Can't compile GHC 6.8.2
| I'm trying to compile GHC 6.8.2 using my existing GHC 6.2, but the
| typechecker refuses to compile. The problem seems to be that the hi-boot
| files in compiler/typecheck contain some incorrect type signatures. I've
| fixed most of them, but TcMatches.hi-boot-6 has slightly stumped me. As
| it stands, it says
| tcMatchesFun :: Name.Name
|              -> HsExpr.MatchGroup Name.Name
|              -> TcType.BoxyRhoType
|              -> TcRnTypes.TcM (HsBinds.HsWrapper, HsExpr.MatchGroup TcRnTypes.TcId)
| but it should say something like
| tcMatchesFun :: Name.Name -> Bool
|              -> HsExpr.MatchGroup Name.Name
|              -> TcType.BoxyRhoType
|              -> TcRnTypes.TcM (HsBinds.HsWrapper, HsExpr.MatchGroup TcRnTypes.TcId)
| Unfortunately, that doesn't work, as it assumes I meant TcMatches.Bool,
| so I tried saying Prelude.Bool instead. Now I get the complaint that
| Prelude.Bool isn't in scope.
| Has anyone else seen this issue? I've looked for answers in the docs and
| with Google, but no luck.
| I'm running Mac OS 10.3, with GHC 6.2 installed under Fink. I borrowed
| the Fink package for GHC 6.8.2 and adapted it slightly so it would
| bootstrap from my existing GHC, as the bootstrap code available for
| download relies on a later version of my OS. GHC 6.2 can't compile GHC
| 6.10, which is why I'm going for the earlier version.
| Cheers,
| Barney.
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