James Swaine james.swaine at
Tue Nov 11 23:23:40 EST 2008

I can't seem to get the latest source bundle to build (running on Red Hat).
I run the configure script, then make on the source tree root, and ghc gives
an error to the effect of 'could not load shared object file or library'.  I don't have root permissions on this machine so I can't
install editline on this machine, but I downloaded the source, built in my
local directory, then tried:

-Setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to include the directory
path to the library I just built.
-Hand editing the makefile in ghc's 'libraries' directory to add an
-L[librarydir] flag to the ghc invocation that was failing.

Neither of these things worked - is there an easy way to tell the configure
script that it needs to probe additional directories for these shared

Thanks all!
-James Swaine
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