problem with echo prompting in ghci (visible in emacs)

Reiner Pope reiner.pope at
Tue Nov 11 20:55:22 EST 2008

2008/11/12 Andrea Vezzosi <sanzhiyan at>:
> I get the same behaviour, and when I open ghci in xterm and press Ctrl-D it
> also echoes ^D before quitting, which is similar to the problem with
> haskell-mode which seems to don't like the echoing of ^J from ghci when one
> uses commands like C-u C-c C-t (which should copy the inferred type from the
> ghci buffer and insert it in the current file).
> I'm using the ghc package from archlinux testing repository, which is built
> with libedit 20080712_2.11.
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I also get the same, see

I don't have a solution, although I put a quick hack in my
haskell-mode code so that C-u C-c C-t works.


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