Rebuilding ghc

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at
Tue Jun 17 01:23:43 EDT 2008

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 08:12:49AM +0100, Dominic Steinitz wrote:
>> Thanks. I put the flag in the right place and got further but see below.
>>> ../compiler/ghc-inplace -H32m -O2 -fasm -Rghc-timing -optc-O2 -I../includes -I. -Iparallel -Ism -DCOMPILING_RTS -package-name rts -fvia-C -static  -I../gmp/gmp uild -I../libffi/build/include -I. -dcmm-lint     -c PrimOps.cmm -o PrimOps.o
>>> PrimOps.cmm:945:0: unknown macro: RET_NNNN
> RET_NNNN is a relatively recent addition to compiler/cmm/CmmParse.y by
> the patch
>     [Fix conversions between Double/Float and simple-integer
>     Ian Lynagh <igloo at>**20080614152337] {
> I suspect that for some reason something didn't rebuild properly after
> you pulled that patch.
> Thanks
> Ian

> dom at lagrange:~/ghc> ghc --version
> The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 6.9.20080616

Thanks, Dominic.

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