network package

Don Stewart dons at
Sun Jan 13 15:53:54 EST 2008

> Thanks for everyone's help with this so far. However, I'm having some
> problems using cabal:
> Whenever I try to
> runghc Setup.hs install
> a cabal file (I've tried parsec and network) I get an error message
> similar to this:
> Setup.hs: parsec.cabal:15: Unknown field 'build-type'
> I tried to install Cabal from darcs and I also got an error message when
> trying to configure:
> Setup.lhs: cabal-install.cabal:30: Invalid syntax (no colon after field
> name)

Looks like your version of cabal is a bit old. Try updating to the 1.2.3
or 1.3 series. You can find it on

-- Don

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