network package

Matthias Kilian kili at
Fri Jan 11 16:20:11 EST 2008

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 09:32:20AM -0800, Don Stewart wrote:
> > I have just built and installed ghc-6.8.2 on my linux box but I can't find
> > the network package. Has it been moved or left out?
> It's not installed by default. You can find it on,

Yet it's still available in the extralibs tarball. Real slackers
just extract extralibs on top of the normal ghc source tarball to
get most (not all) of the beloved packages built for free.

Just FYI, here are some notes I scribbled down for myself a few
days ago when I did some work on the OpenBSD port of GHC (comparing
6.6.1 against 6.8.2 and comparing that against

New (wrt 6.6.1): array, bytestring, containers, directory, hpc,
old-locale, old-time, packedstring, parallel, pretty, process,

Removed from the ghc sources (make separate ports fetching them
from hackage): HGL, X11. Note that X11-extras (i.e. port
x11/hs-x11-extras) is obsolete now.

Available in the extralibs distfile: HUnit, OpenGL, QuickCheck,
cgi, fgl, haskell-src, html, mtl, network, parallel, parsec,
regex-base, regex-compat, regex-posix, stm, time, xhtml.

Version info for packages (no version in "Hackage" column means same
version as for GHC-6.8.2):

Name			Dist	GHC-6.8.2	Hackage

Cabal			base
HUnit			extra
OpenGL			extra
QuickCheck		extra
array			base
base			base		n/a
bytestring		base
cgi			extra	3001.1.5.1
containers		base (!)
directory		base
fgl			extra
filepath		base
ghc			base	6.8.2		n/a
haskell-src		extra
haskell98		base
hpc			base
html			extra
mtl			extra
network			extra
old-locale		base
old-time		base
packedstring		base
parallel		extra
parsec			extra
pretty			base
process			base
random			base
readline		base
regex-base		extra	0.91
regex-compat		extra	0.90
regex-posix		extra	0.91
rts			base	1.0		n/a
stm			extra
template-haskell	base(!)
time			extra
unix			base (!)
xhtml			extra	3000.0.2.1


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