Version control systems - no need to fear git

Marc Weber marco-oweber at
Thu Aug 21 23:52:27 EDT 2008

> I personally don't know Git, and while I'm sure I'll be learning at
> some point, I'm always nervous about learning a VCS on something I
> care about, as mistakes can go quite wrong. 
If I can lend you (or someone else) a hand don't hesitate to contact me.
(I'm not a git guru though..)
With git you can't get too much wrong because it's very cheap to create
additional pointerns / branches.. So if you clone a branch before taking
any action you can always reset the messed up branch to the "backup" by
git reset --{soft or hard} backupbranchname
Or you could write a two line sh script writing all hashes to a
temp file etc..
If you just start gitk it will keep all hashes in memory.. so you can
recover from those as well (unless using the update menu item or running
the garbage collector)

Marc Weber

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