GHC project blog? (Re: Version control systems)

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed Aug 13 05:15:22 EDT 2008

>We (GHC HQ) are still learning the transition to wider participation
>in building and hacking on GHC, which we *very much* welcome.  Bear
>with us if we don't get it right first time.  We're trying!

And I very much like the steps I've seen recently in explaining
what you're doing (sometimes even before you're doing it;-).

However, there are so many lists to choose from, and many 
often opinionated discussions on many of them that will bury
those informative messages of yours rather quickly. So if anyone
joins the world of GHC in a few weeks, they will be just as lost
as everyone was before you started outlining your plans and
giving high-level summaries of on-going work in more detail.

Perhaps it would be useful for GHC HQ to have a GHC project
blog, like other non-trivial projects that like to talk about what 
they are doing/planning and how the pieces fit together (for
examples, see: google, opera, ..)?

The follow-on discussions should still be on cvs-ghc, or on
cvs-libraries, or on libraries, or on glasgow-haskell-users, or
on ghc wiki or trac, or whatever the topic requires. But the 
original information would be collected in a single place, on 
a blog with rss feed to which interested parties could be refered.

Given the number of things going on, I'm sure such a blog
would become required reading rather quickly, even for those
not subscribed to cvs-ghc, etc.

Just another suggestion;-)

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