Version control systems

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Sun Aug 17 22:00:47 EDT 2008

Gregory Wright:
> On Aug 14, 2008, at 9:12 PM, Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
>> Moreover, as I wrote a few times before, some reasons for switching  
>> in the first place are invalidated by not having the core libraries  
>> in git, too.  For example, one complaint about darcs is that it  
>> either doesn't build (on the Sun Solaris T1 and T2 machines) or is  
>> buggy (on Mac OS with MacPorts), and hence people have trouble  
>> getting the sources out of darcs in the first place.  How is that  
>> going to be addressed if some crucial code still needs to be  
>> obtained using darcs?
> Regarding darcs on OS X from MacPorts, I am not aware (or have been  
> sent any bug reports) that there
> are problems with the latest darcs-2.0.0 port.  Is there something  
> that I should know (and try to fix)?
> The latest port defaults to wget instead of libcurl since I have  
> noticed darcs spinning endlessly when
> using libcurl.  I haven't had time to dtrace what is going on but  
> I'm guessing the underlying problem is likely
> some misunderstanding of the signal handling API or some corner case  
> of blocking/nonblocking IO.

Well, that "spinning endlessly" is the bug I am referring to.  I re- 
checked my MacPorts darcs2 installation and, you are right, there was  
an update that removes the use of libcurl.  It seems to work *much*  
better now.

Thanks for the fix!

You may want to publicise this a bit further.  When I asked on #darcs  
about the problem a few days ago, nobody knew about this update to the  


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