Version control systems

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at
Fri Aug 15 07:13:24 EDT 2008

Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
> Thomas Schilling:
>> Are you advocating for ease of use by new developers or for existing
>> developers? Current GHC hackers have to learn Git anyways and know
>> Darcs already. Library patches still have to be recorded separately,
>> so it would be a bit weird, but not much harder, really.
> I am arguing for both.  It would be more than weird.  For example, if 
> you branch ghc, you usually need to branch the core libraries, too.  
> Doing that in two different vcs sounds like a mess to me.

So let's figure out how it would work (I have doubts too!) 
So, within the directory that's a git repo (ghc), we have 
some other repos, git (testsuite) and darcs (some 
libraries).  Does anyone know how git handles nested repos 
even natively?  Then, adding complexity, git branches are 
normally done by switching in-place.  So how does this 
interact with VCS like darcs that doesn't have a concept of 
in-place switching of branches?  (Now, I wouldn't be 
surprised if git, the monstrosity that it is, has already 
invented answers for these sort of questions :-) But we need 
to figure out the answers for whatever situation we choose 
for the 6.11 development cycle, and probably document them 
somewhere on the wiki (that I lazily didn't bother to check 
again before writing this message).


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