Version control systems

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at
Tue Aug 12 15:17:59 EDT 2008

Thomas Schilling wrote:
> I encourage everyone to add useful tips and examples both from users who 
> already use Git and later on, once we have gathered more experience.  I 
> believe that Git has some features which can improve our productivity 
> and I'd like this page to also collect tips how to do so.

what about `darcs send --dry-run`?  It's not perfect, but I 
use it in my old repos in conjunction with `darcs wh [-l]` 
to find out what of value I'd lose by deleting an old 
checkout.  (e.g., patches merged into HEAD aren't of value. 
  But they still aren't of value even if they've been 
amend-recorded, rewritten, or equivalent by simon/ian/etc., 
but Darcs can't tell this, unfortunately.)


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